Want to learn how to create mobile apps, pass IT certifications,
join IT communities, and fall in love with the semicolon ?

Good. Because that’s exactly what I help people with around here.

I have a dream of creating a community that empowers The people of IT in Tunisia and all over the world, and gives them the tools to follow their passion. So I am starting small with this blog. And though I am still learning too, I love to share things as I discover them. I breed a positive, fun mentality, because I believe  learning doesn’t have to be boring. Other things I believe in ?

• I believe programmers are wizards and programming is magical.
• I believe we should do the things that scare us.
• I believe in pursuing our dreams regardless of our age.
• I also believe in the healing power of coffee!

The gist in this is: If you’re the kind of learner who never gives up, hates comfort zones, lives their dreams just to make them come true.. I am too ! You are in the right place .

That was ‘ the story behind this blog ‘ ! But who am I ?

I am a software engineering student ( no longer a student ! yet I still enjoy all nighters ! ) an IoT mobile developer and a recovering bookaholic. I have a tremendous passion for programming, I love it’s a “testing and failing” process and I love how it’s the smartest way for creation. So, I am currently freelancing, working on school projects and blogging and creating tutorials here.
And, whenever I have the needed free time, I pass IT certifications, as I believe these are a great way for learning and justifying knowldge. Thus, I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Technology Associate and a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Apart from coding, living in beautiful Tunisia, living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I take every occasion to go hiking and camping travel the nearby countries of South East Asia. And evidently to improve my photography skills. I am intrested in all kinds of arts, as it’s through arts only that we can realise our perfection. Ah! speaking about perfection, one of my other interests is never being satisfied with my own work !

Feel free to contact me on issues like :
• ‘I have a problem working on something, can you help me ?’
• ‘I need to know more about something, can you write to us about it ?’