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Book review _ Startup communities by Brad Feld

As much as coding requires attention to details, coming up with new solutions to problems is a day-to-day task when you’re working in tech, and drumming up ideas is something creatives excel at. For tech is an incredibly suitable field … Read More


Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi _ Book review

Computer programming requires some very intricate work.  It takes hours upon hours of writing, testing and debugging.  This is why it thrives on team work.  Without team work, a single program can take decades to complete. So do every other … Read More


Book review _ The healthy programmer by Joe Kutner

The hardest thing for individuals to do is to change habits. We are so resistant to doing so. But to be healthy, we must change our sedentary habits and lifestyle to some more healthy and active ones… ‘sedentary’?! doesn’t this Read More