Codename One – Upload/retrieve image from database

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5 Responses

  1. khaoula arfaoui says:

    much thanks from esprit

  2. Salem Affes says:

    Thank you for this tutorial it’s pretty useful, but How am I supposed to share an image to our server using multipart request through a JSON API (we are actually using a Symfony app), I made some researches it appears that I am supposed to send some kind of binary image or base64 files or input stream and it’s really confusing, and have no idea how am I supposed to encode and decode them between two ends if you have any idea I would be more than happy to find a solution for this cuz I literally wasted several hours looking for an answer and Thank you again.

  3. Manai imen says:

    Hi IS Img in the readImage’s function a class named img ?

  4. Yassine says:

    When you find people suffering from the same pidev shit on the internet giving you solutions on how to use the poorly documted/used frameworks ESPRIT uses <3
    Highly apreciated, good luck

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